A Strategy Deployment Program that Aligns People with Purpose for Exceptional Results.

Which one are you?

How SDI Helps

I’m a hospital executive who wants to transform and win in value-based care.

How SDI Helps

I’m a CEO who can’t seem to produce real numbers for my performance reports.

How SDI Helps

I’m a small business owner who can’t seem to get my team to complete projects on time.

Five common organizational challenges which represent the absence of good strategy deployment discipline include:


Straddling the Fence

Waiting to change can be dangerous


Silo Paralysis

Budget process becomes a proxy for strategic planning



Incentives and accountabilities are at cross-purposes


Lack of Focus

Insufficient goal prioritization and monitoring


Poor Performance

Missed opportunities

“No company can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.”¹ Jack Welch


Comprehensive Strategy Deployment Education

We provide five (5) sequential courses to enable participants to understand and apply the principles and tools of strategy deployment effectively within their own organization.


Performance Gap Assessment

At the conclusion of the Foundations course, participants are asked to complete a “Grasp the Situation” (GTS) analysis of their organization to clarify the planning and execution challenges they are facing, and to quantify the specific performance gap measures they would like to address in the subsequent strategy deployment courses. If preferred, an organization can engage the SOAR Vision Group to complete an on-site GTS analysis.


Participants Aligned with Goals

The five courses, are delivered using both interactive e-learning and on-site interactive team engagement sessions to ensure that the key executive and department leaders responsible for Strategy Deployment are able to effectively achieve the desired operational transformation.


Guided Strategy Deployment

Comprehensive guided strategy engagements are offered to organizations to manage a successful deployment and establishment of a Lean Operating System. Due to the scope and transformative nature of strategy deployment these engagements are extended and include all five SDI courses. A guided engagement process addresses all the organization adoption, execution, and result management challenges, enabling your organization to SOAR.

Strategy deployment focuses and aligns people and processes to effectively orchestrate the fulfillment of the organization’s strategy, thereby achieving customer first, zero defect performance, and enabling the organization to rapidly respond to market threats and opportunities.

Centrally coordinated strategy deployment keeps the organizational focus on creating maximum value for customers, so that Lean Six Sigma tools like value-stream mapping, standard work, variation control, and pull systems become a means to an end and not the end in themselves.

Mastering the strategy deployment discipline helps organizations, like healthcare systems, overcome the inertia and incoordination of silo-based operations, and drives out all of the non-value added waste in order to ensure that organizational performance success is reliably and predictably achieved regardless of changes in the market environment.

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