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The Monitor course, clarifies how to establish real-time performance monitoring of results which helps leaders check and adjust their improvement plans to continuously identify “here is what happened on my watch, and what I’m doing about it to keep our operation running smoothly and effectively”.

One objective of the course is to enable participants to establish a one-page dashboard to serve as the main checking tool for the organization’s overall performance. Included are four (4) learning modules, case study simulation exercises, and all of the related Strategy Deployment forms and materials to achieve success.

Key Benefits


Effectuates Vertical Integration.

Reviews the roles and responsibilities necessary to effectuate the vertical integration of the Strategy Deployment system, such as:

  • Executive team strategy plan status reviews
  • Planning leader reviews
  • Improvement leader updates
  • Departmental and functional area updates

Effectuates horizontal integration.

Clarifies the various roles and responsibilities necessary to effectuate the horizontal integration of the Strategy Deployment system, such as:

  • Deployment leaders
  • Improvement leaders
  • Department managers
  • Operational coaches
  • Frontline improvement participants

Effective operational performance monitoring.

Describes the required components for effective operational performance monitoring including data acquisition and reporting, and physical and/or virtual location layouts.

Lean Six Sigma.

Confirms the various Lean Six Sigma approaches and tools to be utilized for effective Strategy Deployment.

Discusses external environment variables.

Discusses the external environment variables which will impact the organization’s Strategy Deployment and how to effectively address those variables.

The cost of the Monitor course is $1,499 per participant. This includes four (4) training modules and a certification exam for each participant. This course effectively blends the Strategy Deployment Institute® high impact e-learning experience with on-site or regional course interactive simulation experience, including specific organizational applications.


The 7 sequential SDI courses introduce you to the principles and tools of Strategy Deployment. Each e-learning module is between 15 to 45 minutes in length, depending on the content and applications included in each course.

Of the seven courses, the first and last, Foundations and Sustain, are provided exclusively via the online e-learning experience, to give your organization maximum flexibility for broad organizational participant learning and engagement.

The middle five courses, Strategize, Organize, Deploy, Monitor, and Improve, are delivered using both the interactive e-learning platform modules, as well as on-site interactive team engagement sessions, to ensure that the key executive and department leaders responsible for Strategy Deployment are able to effectively achieve the desired operational transformation.


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