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Strategy Deployment for building Customer Loyalty

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Hospital leaders:

Why walk when you can soar?

Hospital operational excellence happens when the entire organization, from the C-Suite to the patient care floors and departments, totally align and work together on top priority strategies and goals.


Effective & Consistent

Your hospital must establish an effective and consistent LEAN management system.

Using efficiency tools and methods in ways new and vital to hospital operations, you’ll see remarkable turnaround and performance in every area—patient flow, quality and safety scores, patient experience results, financial performance, colleague engagement, and physician satisfaction.

Most importantly, you’ll drive and sustain growth even in contracting markets.


Adopt the Winners Playbook

Team with SDI’s faculty of passionate, successful hospital leaders—with more than 100 years of healthcare experience—to adopt the Winners Playbook for strategy deployment in your hospital.

SDI formed with the mission to help other hospital leadership teams adopt LEAN systems to experience the same transformational change they witnessed in their hospitals.


Transform without Disrupting

It’s comprehensive—you’ll change the culture and performance of your entire hospital in permanently positive ways. And you’ll transform your hospital without disrupting it.

Every single activity and process in the Winners Playbook program delivers immediate value to employees, executives, and the entire organization.

We look forward to discussing your hospital’s path to effective strategy deployment to succeed among the pressures and changes that health care systems and providers are facing.

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Anyone who has a stake in the success of your organization. In fact, the most successful implementations of Strategy Deployment principles occur at companies where individuals from all key departments participate together in a shared learning process. The Strategy Deployment Institute® accomplishes this in a cost effective way via their comprehensive e-learning platform.
The cost of the Foundations course is $299 per participant. This includes three (3) training modules. This course utilizes the Strategy Deployment Institute® high impact e-learning experience, enabling quality asynchronous interactive group learning.

The 5 sequential SDI courses introduce you to the principles and tools of Strategy Deployment. Each e-learning module is between 15 to 45 minutes in length, depending on the content and applications included in each course.

Of the five courses, the first, Foundations is provided exclusively via the online e-learning experience, to give your organization maximum flexibility for broad organizational participant learning and engagement.

The other four courses, Strategize, Organize, Activate, and Recalibrate, are delivered using both the interactive e-learning platform modules, as well as on-site interactive team engagement sessions, to ensure that key executive operational leaders responsible for Strategy Deployment at your organization will be able to effectively achieve the desired operational transformation.

The courses are consecutive. Each builds on the previous course and should not be taken out of sequence.


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